Chris Courtney thinks it’s time the “yoga dudes” take action and define themselves – so here is one yoga dude’s manifesto:

Yes, I love women with nose piercings and tattoos who are addicted to kombucha and coconut water. But if I’m your teacher, we’re staying in the friend zone.

Of course I Aum loudly and my ujjayi breath sounds like a freight train, these are some big lungs I’m carrying around! You want me to turn the volume down then tell me to feel expansive? Now I’m confused.

(Reposted with permission from Elephant Journal)

Yes, there is a place for masculine energy in yoga…and yoga studios.  If it’s not welcome in yours, we pick up on it right away—and seldom return. And when I say that, my arms are locked with people of color and women who feel their bodies aren’t perfect enough for your studio.  Sure, 20 million people in this country do yoga, but if everyone feels welcome, we can make it 50 million.

Yes, according to the Vatican’s chief exorcist, I am going to hell (if there was one). But then again, so are you!

If we teach yoga, it’s not because we want to pick up on our students (gee, thanks all you lecherous yoga “dudes” out there), or because we’re gay (funny, neither of my two gay brothers is into yoga). Yoga makes us happier people and thus, we want to share it.   Of course no worries if you are gay (rock on brother!), but to those lecherous guys picking up on their students—sorry, I can’t call you my yoga bro.

Please, please, please, don’t ask me to roll my dhanurasana (bow pose) frontwards and backwards. At least leave a bag of ice on my mat afterwards, OK?

Okay, I’ll watch Eat, Pray, Love with you, but please understand if I nod off once they get to Bali.

Yes, those are little statues of Krishna Das, Michael Franti, and the Swenson brothers (Doug and Dave) on my altar. You’ve got a problem with that?

Read the rest of the Yoga Dude’s Manifesto HERE.

Chris Courtney, is an Albuquerque based yoga teacher and sometime film consultant when he is not trying to write songs on his guitar. He started the Off The Couch And Onto The Mat movement to promote healthy alternatives to a sedentary lifestyle. Chris is a former expat journalist, warrior and diplomat who is forever finding new experiences to explore. Find him online on Twitter @CK_Courtney or check out his website at:


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  1. 7-3-2012

    Hey Yoga Dude, thanks for bringing the honesty. What is with you and the chief exorcist? Did he really tell you you are going to HE double hockeysticks? You dropped that bomb without explaining! I am a Catholic and love yoga. Peace and Gratitude

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