wan.der.lust: [n] a strong or irresistible desire to travel and explore the world

travel. practice yoga. eat well. be green. appreciate art.

Real magic happens at this four-day yoga and music extravaganza. Magic that is hard to vocalize even to the person next to you, because we’re each having our own unique mind-blowing experience. But when you look into each other eyes or feel their embrace, you know you’re on the same page.

I attended Wanderlust Festival in Copper Mountain, CO with my boyfriend, my amazing partner who is new to yoga and even newer to yoga festivals. Between om-ing together in the CorePower dome at midnight, taking a morning “gong bath”, playing on the slacklines and snapping pics in a Toyota Camry Hybrid “photo booth”, the two of us let our inner children run wild playing for four days straight.

Below is the first of a two-part recap of highlights, loves, and biggest sources of inspiration during our 4-day Wanderlust experience:

  • Inhale, Exhale with Rod Stryker. What word do you hear more than any other in yoga class? (Hint: it’s not “dog”.) You’re doing it right now. We breathe 24 hours a day and rarely give it a second thought. How suitable it was for our first class to be all about the breath from master tantra teacher Rod Stryker. We explored how our personal breathing patterns relate to deep-rooted emotional patters. Definitely thought-provoking and set the stage form the entire festival.
  • Morning wake-up with MC Yogi. When I heard MC Yogi was teaching an 8am vinyasa class called Ganesha – Remover of Obstacles, held in Manduka’s Nest, with his wife and DJ Drez, I knew it was going to be good. Waking up to the beats of Drez with Hindu stories woven into a deep, challenging vinyasa class was unbeatable. The contrast of MC Yogi deep, devoted tone mixed with his wife Amanda Giacomini’s high-pitched and expressive voice put us into a groove like no other.
  • Dancing with Janet Stone. Remember tip #10 from our pre-Wanderlust post? By day two I’d already broken the “schedule” and went to explore Janet Stone’s “Be The Bliss” class. And I’ll tell you: 90 minutes of super sweet yoga flow to the beats of our buddy DJ Hyfi, mixed with impromptu booty-shaking dance breaks, a loving story about how Krishna found his beloved Radha, and some call-and-response chanting as the cherry on top – it doesn’t get much more blissful than that.
  • Beats Antique. Sometimes we’re focusing on the breath, and other times we’re immersed in the beat. Beats Antique headlined Friday night’s show with awe-inspiring moves from belly dancer queen Zoe Jakes and beats good enough to shake your soul. This was one of those shows where the visuals rivaled the music: the combination was stimulating to the core. Plus, there’s nothing like watching a room full of yogis transform to a dancing, united family with one intention of letting loose.
  • Kalari with Shiva Rea. At one point my man mentioned a martial arts-inspired class he’d heard about and wanted to try out. I’d never heard of Kalari – the ancient Indian martial arts practice from India. Think vinyasa yoga meets Capoeira meets dance plus devotion. The iconic Shiva Rea started teaching this practice only 4 years ago under permission from her teacher in India. With a slew of people already experiencing “conference-itis” (read: our bodies were hurtin’!) we crowded into the main Lucy tent and moved like I’d never moved before. At one point she gave a 5 minute demo of the practice in it’s natural flow. Completely captivated, words can barely describe the beauty of this dance.
  • Farm-To-Table Dinner. It’s a blessing and a curse when you are at a festival and have access to all the free Luna and Nude Foods bars you can find. Along with the ubiquitous and free coconut water and veggie burger samples, these snacks helped us quickly fall into the trap of not having many full meals. Which made the organic, local buffet-style farm-to-table feast in Copper Mountain’s main hall that much more satisfying. The sunset mountain views served as backdrop to hundreds of yogis getting classy and mingling with one another sans mat and spandex.


It gets even better.

Continue reading Part Two. 


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