…continued from Wanderlust Colorado 2012 Highlights – Part One

Writing this feels like a close in the Wanderlust chapter and I’m not sure I’m ready for that quite yet. Jamming with Ziggy Marley, planning a sweet new book club with Lululemon, deep conversations and big laughs with ORIGIN Magazine…I could go on and on about all the amazingness at Wanderlust Colorado. Alas, these last five highlights should whet your appetite just right. And hey…Wanderlust California is coming up, and the drive from Denver to Lake Tahoe is only 17 hours…

  • AcroYoga therapeutics. Combine yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage and you’ve got the awesome practice of AcroYoga therapeutics. A big part of the class was a lower body Thai massage sequence which I got to experience with my man by my side. These guys are good: I’ve studied Thai massage for almost two years now and still learned some new tricks. At YogaDates, we’re big on couples learning simple, yummy massage techniques – don’t you think it’s important to know how to give something that feels so good?
  • Mythic Yoga Lounge. By day three of a non-stop yoga and music festival at 10,000 feet, your body, mind and breath are TALKING to you. So switching gears to listening to MC Yogi, his wife Amanda and the lovely Suzanne Sterling tell stories of Hindu gods, goddesses and demons was like tucking into a naptime story hour during the cold afternoon rain. For the first time, we rolled rolled up our mats, laid on each other’s bellies, ate lunch and chilled out. The only thing missing was a cup of chai.
  • Sweetened with honey. There was no better way to close the festival than with Schuyler Grant’s Sweetened With Honey class on Sunday morning. Once again, DJ Drez brought down the house. I don’t know who else could combine “I’m easy like Sunday morning”, “Seven Nation Army” and Krishna Das with more grace than Drez. Schyuler – the co-founder of Wanderlust and founder of Kula Yoga Project in NYC – taught a delicious, challenging, undulating flow with such precision and lightness, it felt like coming home, where minds shut off and bodies just…move.
  • Connecting with our inner child. Wanderlust isn’t all yoga during the day (except maybe for the die-hards). With guided hikes, slacklines, hooping, and live talks to attend, it’s seriously an adult playground. My man and I signed up for an Inner Child Hike, a little curious and unsure of what we’d get ourselves into. While the intentions were good, after ten minutes we felt like we’d been served a heavy dose of summer camp, and split. We did a short meditation and you know what? Our inner children are always by our sides, having us do crazy things on a whim all day long. So we took our mini-me’s and headed up the chair lift to the Solitude space for a hike of our own. Our inner children wanted to do headstands and have a photo shoot at 11,500 ft elevation, so who were we to say no? Bonus: we saw a marmot.
  • Kirtan with Krishna Das. The Man Himself led kirtan (call-and-response chanting) in the main tent to close out the festival after a speech from Deepak Chopra. Along with beautiful sounds comes beautiful movement. This is by far our favorite pic from the festival.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

All this goodness would not be possible without the number one, most impacting part of our entire Wanderlust 2012 experience: our amazing yoga community.

Colorado, we are so blessed to have such a strong, loving crew of like-minded people. Thank you to the entire Wanderlust staff and crew for making this possible in our Rocky Mountain home.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.


Did you attend Wanderlust Colorado this summer? Please share your experience in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your favorite memories, classes, stories…whatever made your inner child squeal with delight.

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