By Sean Patrick, That Guy Who Loves the Universe.

When you go on the spiritual path you’re sure to find that many of your friends (boyfriend and girlfriends) decide not to come with you—and that’s fine. However, if you’re anything like me you need a spiritual friend every now and again.

If I may, I’d like to rewind to a few years ago when I was working in Hong Kong. The city was intense and I had to find some ‘spiritual’ refuge…so I tracked down a mediation center and began attending it weekly. Here, I was lucky to meet so many people and I realized that there are so many diverse ways that people practiced spirituality leaving me wondering, what’s a spiritual person anyway? I came to learn that it was less about crystals and beads and more about values, beliefs and behaviors.

Here are seven sure ways to spot a Universe-Lover (you know, one of those ‘spiritual’ people):

1. You’ll see them believing in something bigger than themselves
I’m not sure about you but I find faith extremely sexy! I don’t care if it’s faith in God, the Universe, the Divine, Buddah or Allah, I just know that trusting in a higher power makes for a very attractive person.

2. You’ll see them hanging out in the Mind, Body & Spirit section at the bookshop
Yes, all the way at the back of the bookshop you will find a collection of individuals learning how to be more loving, clear out negativity and surrender to the Universe. It is here you will find some great like-minded ‘spiritual’ people who are always happy to chat. So, next time you go to pick up your weekly reading make sure you say ‘hi’.

3. You’ll hear them counting their blessings, not their troubles
It’s easy to get bogged down in what’s going wrong and the general noise that we take in from the world is very negative; however, if you listen closely enough you will hear some people still managing to count their blessings—despite their troubles.

4. You’ll hear them saying ‘yes’ to things
Have you noticed that people who say ‘yes’ to things have more fun, spontaneity and adventure in their lives? This a trait of a true Universe-lover and somebody whose heart is open to all of the fun and joy that life has to offer.

5. You’ll see them be nice to a stranger
If you really wanna see who someone’s true colors, then observe how they react to the homeless person asking for change. It doesn’t matter if they give them money or not, but take note and see if they even take the time to simply say ‘no’ or look the homeless man in the eyes are merely acknowledge them.

6. You’ll see them doing something positive for their mental health
Yes, it’s true, positivity also loves company and when you’re in the midst of a true universe-lover you’ll find them actively seeking social activity and taking classes. You’ll find them at yoga classes, meditation centers or even learning a new language.

7. You’ll see them having fun (and dancing their ass off)
Sometimes we fail to have fun for ourselves, we often become concerned with how we look to other people; however, have you ever been a little stunned to see somebody just in the moment, having mind-blowing fun and not giving one rip what anybody else thinks? And woah, how attractive they are!


What are some of your favorite ways to show YOUR Universe love? Let us know below…you never know who you might attract!


Sean Patrick, aka That Guy Who Loves The Universe, inspires with his fresh take on spirituality and willingness to ask questions that open up empowering, honest dialogue. Sean is a child of the 90’s and has a specialism in conversing about spiritual practice in a very accessible way and has gone on to become a spiritual teacher for teens and young professionals who are interested in getting their spiritual lives in order. He teaches practical applications of New Age principles highlighting self-love, communicating with the Universe and overcoming the ego delivering an all-inclusive approach to spirituality. He is known for both his conventional and complementary methods of spiritual practice and he continues to explore the latest and most effective trends in opening conversations about ‘a universal power’.


  1. 2-22-2013

    Dear Jean Patrick,
    wanted to say “hello” to my friend “universe lover” nice to see here again.

    Love, Kristina

  2. 3-16-2013

    hi dear universe- lovers! i send all of you and also the not-yet-universe lovers a big smile that also makes YOU smile. have a great day! angelika

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