We are pleased to announce that YogaDownload.com has just released their first partner yoga vinyasa video, taught by YogaDates’ founder Amy Baglan. The 60 minute class features partner yoga poses suitable for all levels of experience that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home with a friend or loved one. Participants will learn new ways to experience standing, balancing, backbends and seated yoga poses with the support of a partner. If you haven’t experienced partner yoga yet, your practice is missing out!

The video is available to stream for $2.99 or you can download the class for repeat use for $7.99.

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About the class:

In the first five minutes you’ll learn important principles in partner yoga, including non-verbal communication, trust, surrender, problem solving, compassion and more.

Next, you’ll move into a guided partner vinyasa flow, with each pose allowing plenty of time to breathe and experience the fullness of the posture.

Amy closes this partner yoga practice with a partner version of legs-up-the-wall, followed by savasana for as long as you and your partner wish.

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