Like most of you, I’ve tried looking for love online. Ladies and gents, let’s admit it: online dating can be an exhausting experience. First we spend the time answering all those profile questions, quizzes, etc. that are supposed to help you find a better match. These alone can leave you online for hours. Then the communication back and forth: the witty email banter exchanges, the text messages, the phone calls. Then finally, just maybe, the date. All in all you could spend over ten hours communicating with one person who after just five minutes of talking in person, you know isn’t right for you. What a waste! 

As a woman with a spiritual practice, it’s so hard to a) express that in a profile so I don’t sound too airy-fairy and b) find other men who not only support my healthy, yoga-loving lifestyle, but will also share it with me. To be clear, I wasn’t searching for a serious yogi by any means – I just wanted to find someone who had a positive, healthy view of himself and the world. Not too much to ask, right? What I found was quite disappointing. Turns out it’s super hard to find like-minded people on these mainstream dating sites. Not to mention it’s downright time-consuming.

Which got me thinking…there had to be a better solution. If we could get a bunch of active, healthy, like-minded single people in a room together, that’s 90% of the battle! Once the conversation begins, connections will inevitably be made, requiring much less effort and in a fun, supportive environment. And voila! YogaDates was born.

We’ve seen it in action: there are tons of singles out there that think exactly like you, that live healthy, happy lifestyles and are looking for the same in their partner. There are out there – and are looking for you, too!

If you’re searching for that special someone, check out our upcoming Singles Events here.

If you’re committed, we’re all about nourishing your love, too. We’ve got some awesome Couples Events in store for you and your partner to connect in fun, intimate ways through yoga.

Yours in service, love and cartwheels,

Amy (YogaDates founder aka Yoga Matchmaker)

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  1. 6-7-2012

    Question – unfortunately I am at the outer limits of the age groups offered for Yoga Dates. Does that mean that nobody over age 58 is still doing yoga and wanting to date??? Any chance that something will be offered for older yogis?

    • 6-7-2012

      Great question Linda. There are absolutely SO many men out there in your age range looking to date 🙂 We will be posting a “Vinyasa & Vino” event for the 35-58 age range within the next week. Please do keep an eye out for that one, I think it’d be perfect for you.

  2. 10-11-2012

    This is funny!!! so means all people visit this site are knowing yoga?

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