A couple of months ago I sat down with an intuitive who turned my dating world upside-down. She told me one thing in particular about finding “the one” that I think about on a daily basis. It hit home so strongly that I must share this sage, sweet wisdom. Hint: it involves chocolate 🙂

Millions of people are hoping and praying for their soulmate to appear. When the Universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) sends this person your way, it’s ultimately up to you to recognize when he or she has arrived. There’s a strong element of personal responsibility on your part to clear your space and make room for this person. If you don’t, you may miss your chance (yikes!).

Here’s how chocolate can help you recognize your soulmate:

Let’s say you love Godiva chocolate. It’s your top pick, your first chocolate love…in fact, you would never even imagine choosing anything but Godiva when presented with a variety of chocolate options.

But wait. Let’s say you’re hanging out and there’s no Godiva around. Someone offers you a bar of Hershey’s. If you’re hungry and craving something sweet, you’ll probably accept the sub-par Hershey’s. And while you know it’s not Godiva, you’ll still enjoy it to some degree.

What if you’re holding this Hershey’s bar, start to open it, maybe even take a bite…when suddenly [cue the violins] someone else walks in with a Godiva bar? What would you do?

If you sit there and eat the Hershey’s first, you’ll probably decide to pass up the Godiva bar just this one time. Maybe you’ll ask to save it for later.

If you look at the Hershey’s bar in your hand and realize it’s not what you want, you’ll accept the Godiva graciously and begin to savor every delicious bite.

Here’s how this relates to love and dating:

Dating different people naturally teaches you what qualities you like in a potential partner, along with what things you would rather do without. Time and time again you will meet people you like and spend time with them only to realize they are not “the one”. This is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s essential to flexing your discernment muscles and getting super clear about what you’re looking for. These people are your Hershey’s bars.

You can date Hershey’s as much as you want. But here’s the key: you gotta recognize that Hershey’s is not Godiva. And when Godiva walks in the room, you gotta have the sense to put down the Hershey’s bar no matter how sweet and comforting it may be. Only then can you accept the Godiva.

Enjoy the candy store.

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