Every few years a film comes around that changes how you look at the world. If it’s powerful enough, it may even change how you treat yourself and others. I AM is one of those films that still has us talking months later. You can find I AM plus hundreds of other inspirational titles on Gaiam TV for FREE!

YogaDates is thrilled to team up with our friends at GaiamTV.com to offer you FREE yoga classes and curated films, documentaries and original programming dedicated to conscious media, personal growth and spirituality, featuring renowned luminaries like the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

You can enjoy YogaDates’ top ten picks absolutely free with your 10-day no-obligation trial to GaiamTV.com. If you like it (full disclosure: we’re hooked), GaiamTV.com is available for less than $10 a month. Whether you’re looking for a power-packed yoga practice, a gentle meditation or an inspiring documentary, our special collection on Gaiam TV is sure to bring you a richer, deeper and more profound perspective for our changing world.

We hope you enjoy the selections we’ve made for you.

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