Yoga At A Bar: Not Your Typical Bar Scene

When we planned YogaDates’ first Sunday Funday singles event at bar called Mile High Spirits in Denver, CO, we didn’t know what to expect. These are singles events after all, and we all know what the typical bar scene can be like for dating. Who would come to do yoga then drink? Would it attract a different crowd? Would people even show up? And seriously…was the floor gonna stink? 

Turns out, this was one of the best events we’ve ever held.  (more…)

Yoga Journal Conference: Making New Friends in Estes Park, CO

We made a bunch of new friends at the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, CO last weekend. From a 13-year-old in Shiva Rea’s Yoga Trance Dance class to an 84-year-old named Dee who’s been to the conference 15 times, one thing is for sure: it’s getting harder and harder to define your typical yogi.

Check out the video below to see who else we met and learn why they come back year after year.


Yoga Journal Conference 2012: Estes Park, Colorado

8 Days, 40+ Master Teachers, 100+ Classes

September 30 – October 7th, 2012

Colorado yogis, are you ready for the “Harvard” of all yoga conferences? The 17th Annual Yoga Journal Colorado Conference will be held September 30th through October 7th at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. Set to the iconic Rocky Mountain backdrop, ignite your practice with over 100 classes from the top yoga teachers in the country representing all levels and styles of yoga. (more…)

Partner Yoga Video: Partner Vinyasa Flow

We are pleased to announce that has just released their first partner yoga vinyasa video, taught by YogaDates’ founder Amy Baglan. The 60 minute class features partner yoga poses suitable for all levels of experience that can be practiced in the comfort of your own home with a friend or loved one. Participants will learn new ways to experience standing, balancing, backbends and seated yoga poses with the support of a partner. If you haven’t experienced partner yoga yet, your practice is missing out! (more…)

How to spot a Universe-Lover

By Sean Patrick, That Guy Who Loves the Universe.

When you go on the spiritual path you’re sure to find that many of your friends (boyfriend and girlfriends) decide not to come with you—and that’s fine. However, if you’re anything like me you need a spiritual friend every now and again.

If I may, I’d like to rewind to a few years ago when I was working in Hong Kong. The city was intense and I had to find some ‘spiritual’ refuge…so I tracked down a mediation center and began attending it weekly. Here, I was lucky to meet so many people and I realized that there are so many diverse ways that people practiced spirituality leaving me wondering, what’s a spiritual person anyway? I came to learn that it was less about crystals and beads and more about values, beliefs and behaviors.

Here are seven sure ways to spot a Universe-Lover (you know, one of those ‘spiritual’ people): (more…)

Seva In Colorado: Compassion in action


The majority of people who practice yoga would agree that yoga helps to build strength and flexibility. It may even support your weight loss program. But it is not the most important effect. Yoga also changes your attitude towards yourself and the world. You learn to be mindful about your thoughts and actions; to take responsibility for your life. Thousands of yogis around the world are making a difference by participating in community projects and helping those less fortunate—and many of these activists are making a difference right here in Colorado.  (more…)

Dating A Yogini: 6 Ways To Keep Her Happy

Sometimes it may seem like us yoginis love our Manduka as much as our man. We promise this is not the case—most of the time. You don’t have to be a serious yogi or even know what downward dog means to win our hearts. As long as we stay true to our practice and both partners continue to nurture our relationship, our inner Shakti will keep smiling. Here are six easy ways to keep your yogini happy and firmly rooted in love: (more…)

Partner Yoga: Two Free Denver Classes At Lululemon and PrAna

Denver yogis: You can catch two free partner yoga classes this Fall at Lululemon and PrAna with YogaDates founder and certified partner yoga teacher Amy Baglan. Both classes are free and open to all levels of yoga experience. Come alone or bring along a partner to laugh, explore and learn the basics of this fun yet powerful practice. (more…)

Increase Athletic Performance: 8 Ways Yoga Can Help

Yoga may be the ultimate cross-training for your athletic endeavors. Professional athletes in virtually every sport have taken up a regular yoga practice to increase endurance, energy economization, and overall enjoyment in their training. If you’re ready for a cutting edge in your training and on race day, read below for 8 ways cross-training with a regular yoga practice will improve your athletic performance: (more…)

Dating: Are you faking it?

I used to play a little game called “Ohhh let me see if I can get him to like me, and then love me and marry me!”

Want to play? Here’s rule #1: You have to act a certain way in order to get what you think you want. It’s not always easy. And there are no guarantees that you’ll even want what you end up winning.

So how do you approach dating in a way that not just allows you to be authentically you, but even celebrates it? (more…)