We’re connecting people through yoga

Tons of people are out there who see the world differently – they have a purposeful, healthy lifestyle and are looking for the same in their partner. They’re down-to-earth. Confident. Positive. Ready.

YogaDates wants to help you meet these like-minded singles through singles yoga events across Colorado. We’ve seen a lot of success so far – you could be next!

And if you’re happily committed or dating someone new, YogaDates is all about deepening your connection, reigniting the flame, and helping you break out of that everyday relationship routine. We’ve got a host of couples yoga events for you to connect in fun, intimate ways through yoga.

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“YogaDates is a GREAT concept; it’s what I’ve been craving!” – Thali

“Finally, a way to branch out and meet new people who are positive, healthy and want to try new things as well!” – Vickie

“What a healthy and fun way to start the week! The event was great and the yoga was open enough for people of all levels. And mingling over kombucha is a different type of alcohol…love it!” – Thuy

“Amy and crew are really establishing the “gold standard” for yoga practice along the front range. Another outstanding event!” – Ken

“This was a simply wonderful experience. I loved everyone I met. The food was amazing. I am so happy I went and hope to see you all again.” – Anna

“Super fun! You could feel the energy and excitement in the group, but also the cool calm of yoga. Plus, mingling later at The Lobby was a relaxed way to swap stories and get acquainted. Looking forward to seeing everyone for more upcoming events!” – Cliff

About The Founder:

Amy Baglan is a passion, cause-driven entrepreneur on a mission to evolve the dating industry. Her approach to dating is rooted in awareness and intention, inspiring people to be their best selves, find like-minded partners, create lasting connections and cultivate thriving relationships.

In 2012 she founded YogaDates, a national series of yoga events for singles and couples based in Denver, CO. Inspired by the success of YogaDates, Amy started MeetMindful: a fresh, positive online dating experience for singles in the mindful mainstream. Keep an eye out for the Colorado launch of MeetMindful in 2014.

Amy left New York City to pursue her passions a few years ago and never looked back. She studied Ashtanga yoga in India and fell in love with Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand before gratefully calling Colorado her new home. She is also an experienced Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ teacher and a licensed massage therapist specializing in Thai yoga massage.

Amy’s Story

Like many people, I tried looking for love online. I do yoga, meditate and yes, I occasionally have conversations with the Universe. Label me spiritual, no problem. So when I tried finding someone to date who had a similar lifestyle, things fell a little short. I was looking for the man who’d not only support my yoga-loving, sunset hiking, chia seed-eating lifestyle, but also inspire me and know how to have a good time (and maybe share that crazy vegan superfood smoothie with me). Someone who’s traded in complaining for passion and purpose. Who knows headstands are much sexier than kegstands.

I realized there’s no easy way to find like-minded people on regular dating sites. My future partner yoga lover did emerge, but it was downright time-consuming. Which got me thinking…

…if we could get a bunch of active, healthy, like-minded single people in a room together, that’s 80% of the work. Cool, mindful people who come to connect with their community, to stretch, laugh, and even perhaps meet someone special. Voila! YogaDates was born.

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